Best viscoelasticity is the way to rejuvenate the synovial fluid

ViscoPlus Matrix is a bio-engineered high molecular matrix of fermentative hyaluronic acid for long time solution in just single infiltration.
Long term single infiltration therapy in 6 -12 monthly intervals 
optimally stabilised synthetic substitute of synovial fluid of extremely high viscoelasticity.
High viscoelasticity of ViscoPlus® matrix is adopted to endogenous synovial fluid quality (!)
ViscoPlus® matrix matches the viscous character of autogenous synovial fluid and resumes its original lubricative and shock absorbing functions that rehabilitate at maximum the rejuvenation process in a articular cavity 
The net result is a decrease in joint pain and an improvement in joint function which shall last on average six months up to one year (!)

Buy ViscoPlus® 1,0%, 2 ml protects cartilage

Injections of highly purified sodium hyaluronate = increase of viscoelasticity and quality of synovial fluid.
ViscoPlus® is a synthetic hyaluronic acid manufactured by fermentation
ViscoPlus® is free of animal proteins
ViscoPlus® increases lubrication and shock absorbing effect thanks to optimised size of molecules adopted to quality of natural synovial fluid
ViscoPlus® is certified for treatment of all synovial joints, like e.g. knee, hip, shoulder, foot, spine, TMJ, etc. rejuvenate synovial fluid
Lower number of infiltrations, 3 instead of 5
Sodium hyaluronate exists naturally in the human body and is a constituent of intercellular matrix. In synovial joints, it is a structural component of cartilage and synovial fluid acting as a lubricant, a shock absorber, a filter and a metabolic agent.
ViscoPlus® helps to restore normal balance between the breakdown and the production of hyaluronic acid in the affected joint. The net result is a decrease of joint pain and an improvement of joint function which may last up to one year.